ISER Annual Report 2013

2013  has  been  a  year  of  maturity  for  ISER  having  started  business  in  2012,  and  we  are  very happy with what we have managed to achieve.  We have registered a number of successes, met several  challenges,  and  learned  many  lessons  during  the  reporting  period.
We  have  established cooperation  with  a  number  of  government  and  non-government  actors  willing  to  cooperate  and work together to promote Economic  and Social  Rights (ESRs) in Uganda.
ISER is successfully getting  the  concept of  ESRs into  the  public  domain  in Uganda,  with  key  implementing institutions realising the gap and expressing the importance of doing more work in this field.

ISER Annual Report 2012

2012  was  a  startup  year  so  we  did  not  program  to  have  many  activities.  We  were  mainly preoccupied with registration of the organization with the National Board for Non Governmental Organizations,  finding  office  premises  and  fundraising.  But  none  the  less  we  engaged  in  some activities that did not require a lot of resources.

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