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Economic Justice & Social Protection

About the program

This program focuses on the areas of financing for public services, tax justice and progressive taxation; corporate taxation, sovereign debt and accountability for International Financial Institutions (IFFs). Other areas of focus are: Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), budget advocacy at district level, inclusive economic development and social assistance programs that support the most vulnerable. A sound social protection system is also considered to be critical to economic inclusion and promoting human dignity.

Recent updates

Recent publications

IMF Lending and the Road to Green Transition: One Step Forward, One Step Back

In recent years, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has portrayed itself as a climate champion through its flagship research publications,...

CSO position paper on the tax bills for FY 2023-24

ISER is a member of the Ugandan Tax Justice Alliance under which we regularly submit positions on the annual tax...

Balancing on a slippery edge: An Analysis Of Government’s 2023-24 Resource Measures

ISER has examined government’s proposed resource measures for the coming 2023-24 financial year and presents some issues for the Ugandan...