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Right to Education

About the program

The program seeks to promote the right to education for all children in Uganda. The focus is on the child as the primary beneficiary of the right to education. ISER contributes to problem solving by advocating for a rights based approach to education service delivery in the country. The overall goal is to ensure access to quality education for all children in Uganda, regardless of their background or social status in an environment where education is maintained as a public good that is adequately financed, regulated and supervised by the state. The program emphacises that the state has the primary responsibility for realization of the right to education and private/non-state actors should only supplement that role.

Recent updates

Recent publications

Lay a Strong Foundation for All Children: Fees as a Discriminatory Barrier to Pre-Primary Education in Uganda

This report is the result of a two-year collaboration between Human Rights Watch and ISER, and  is based on interviews...

Shaping Policy and Practice on Pregnant Girls and Adolescent Mothers’ Continued Access to Learning in Uganda

This policy brief highlights and examines the existing legal, policy and institutional frameworks and practices on access to continued learning...

The human rights impact of commercialisation of public services in East Africa

This study aims to analyse how commercialization of public services, specifically in the health and education sectors, has unfolded in...