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Business & Human Rights

About the program

The Business and Human Rights Program seeks to promote responsible business conduct, work with communities affected by business activities to ensure respect for human rights within the business context,  improve corporate accountability for human rights abuses, work with government to strengthen the development and implementation regulatory framework relating to business and human rights- including respect for labour and employment laws, sustainable use of natural resources and gender considerations, and ensure access to remedy for victims of human rights abuses and violations committed in business operations. The program also from time to time undertakes advocacy in respect to the extractive sector, labour relations and Project Affected Persons (PAPs) from ongoing development projects in the country.

The Program also hosts the Uganda Consortium on Corporate Accountability (UCCA). The UCCA was established in August 2015, ISER being one of the founding members, as a Civil Society Consortium on corporate accountability aimed at enhancing accountability by corporations, states, international finance institutions and development partners for violations or abuses of Economic and Social Rights (ESRs).

Recent updates

Recent publications

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