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African Commission Concluding Observations & Recommendations on Uganda’s 5th Periodic Report

This report contains the Concluding Observations and Recommendations from the review of Uganda by the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPRs) that happened during the 56th Session in Banjul in April 2015.

As ESCRs advocates, we have reason to celebrate as we made some good scores. For example under the right to health, the Commission recommends that the ” State expedites the process for the enactment of the Draft Bill on the National Insurance Scheme which aims at addressing the high out-of-pocket spending and improve equity in health care service” and review and revise the HIV AIDS Prevention and Control Act 2014 to ensure that it fully conforms with Uganda’s regional and international human rights obligations. Under the Right to Education, the Commission calls on the State to “increase investment in public education to match the increasing enrolment, and ensure quality of, to avoid forcing parents to resort to private schools, as well as to regulate the quality of education being provided by private schools“.

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